The T Connecticut (Caldwell)

by Ken

The T Connecticut is a collaboration between Caldwell and A J Fernandez. This one is a bit more mellow and creamier than The T Habano and Maduro.

Released in 2017, it was one of the most highly anticipated cigars of its day. Blended by A J Fernandez, only 100k were produced. The Afterburner acquired these cigars in 2021 and have continued to age them in our humidor. They are now offered for sale for your pleasure.

Unfortunately, this cigar isn’t available anymore, so try one today before they are gone. It’s truly one of the best Connecticuts ever made, and we are fortunate enough to have 3 sizes.

The T is a mild to medium smoke with an Ecuadorian wrapper, Nicaraguan fillers and binder. You will experience notes of cedar, leather, coffee, nuts, and pepper. The T is a smooth smoke with a great draw. This is a must try before they disappear for good. Don’t miss out.

One Fine Cigar

Killer Bee

by Ken

In 2015, Black Label Trading Co’s James Brown launched Black Works Studio specializing in unique premium and boutique cigars.

One of his finest is the delicious Killer Bee. A dark Ecuadoran Maduro wrapper covers a fiery Nicaraguan binder and filler, producing a bold, full-bodied profile with hints of pepper, earth, and wood that dances across your palate.

This is an enjoyable smoke and will pair well with your favorite whiskey or brandy.

The Killer Bee also comes in Connecticut that pairs well with beer, wine, or coffee.

Try one today if you aren’t afraid of getting stung. This could very well be your next favorite.

Lawless (Black Label Trading Company

by Ken & Bones

Black Label Trading Company is one of those cigar brands that is easy to pass by. Founded in 2013, their Lawless is definitely a diamond in the rough amongst their portfolio.

This impressive cigar uses Nicaraguan tobaccos as filler and binder, wrapped with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. A medium to full-bodied cigar it was created to impress, and it really does.

You will notice hints of cocoa, coffee, earth, wood, and pepper dancing across your palate.

This is definitely a must try smoke. While you are at it, check out the other offerings from Black Label and Black Works available at the Afterburner. Come see what all the buzz is about.


By Ken

Plasencias are loved for their variety of top-notch blends crafted with the strictest attention to detail.

These premium cigars are made of tobaccos from throughout Honduras and Nicaragua by Nestor Plasencia. He also helped pioneer other cigar brands like Rocky Patel and Alec Bradley.

His award winning blends include the Reserva Original, Alma del Campo, Alma Fuerte, and Alma del Fuego. All boast a very rich, unique Cuban style flavor with a medium to full profile. The Alma Fuerte was rated 93 in 2017 and named #9 Cigar of the Year.

Visit the Afterburner and try one of these for a smoking experience second to none. Any beverage you enjoy will pair with this top-of-the-line smoke.

JFR Corojo 770

By Ken

This is a Nicaraguan Puro BEAST marketed by Casa Garcia. This big, bad, bold cigar is 100% Nicaraguan tobacco with a 70 ring gauge.

JFR Corojo has become a huge hit over the years. Its tightly packed construction leads to a long solid ash and silky blue smoke. You may notice hints of white pepper, cayenne, nutmeg, cinnamon, and good ole tobacco flavor.

A medium to full smoke, you will find it pleasant and not overpowering. This JFR will pair nicely with scotch, bourbon, cognac, or coffee.

Give it a shot, you wont be disappointed.