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Carb V660 by CAO

By Ken

For those who do not like CAO, you really need to try this. It’s probably the best in-production cigar CAO has ever made.

Part of the popular Flathead series, the Carb is a high octane, full-bodied smoke with a smooth and lightly spicy experience. A boxed pressed Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper over a Habano binder and Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers.

Cigar Afficinado gave this their highest rating (95) ever for a 60 ring gauge and was the #3 cigar for 2015.

An exceptional smoke with notes of fruit, leather, and molasses…remaining consistent to the very end. From the time you light up, you will enjoy the smooth, flavorful profile of this fantastic cigar.

The Carb is the most asked for cigar and is now in stock at the Afterburner.

Etiquette Note for the Day: For sanitary reasons, never put a cigar in your mouth before using a public cutter.

Parts of The Cigar

Are you confused about the parts of a cigar? Here is a tidbit of information to help you understand which end is which. After 40 plus years of smoking cigars, I still confuse the head and the foot.

Well….you always light the foot.

Cutting the cigar…I’m asked quite often, “What’s the best cut?” The question is “What’s the best cut for you?” It’s really a matter of preference. Some like the straight cut that snips off the end of the cigar. Others choose the “V” cut that somewhat channels the smoke and limits the pieces of tobacco that end up in your mouth. Some swear by the bullet or punch cut, which is great for larger ring gauges and those with flat heads.

There are other cuts, but these are the most popular.

Then there is what cutter should you use. There are many styles of cutters to choose from. There are more varieties of straight cutters than any other. The style for you is the type you prefer and which fits your hand the best. For example, I have more trouble with the scissor style because I have small hands.

Try different styles of cuts until you find that perfect cut for you. The primary objective is to enjoy that fine cigar.

The preferences are as varied as the cutters on the market. What one prefers, you may not like. Keep trying until you find the perfect cutter of you.